Author Topic: 'Stunning historical mistake': Netanyahu says Israel not bound by nuclear deal  (Read 2990 times)

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'Stunning historical mistake': Netanyahu says Israel is not bound by Iran nuclear deal

Published time: July 14, 2015 13:17
Edited time: July 14, 2015 16:57

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Reuters/Jack Guez)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel is not bound by the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, adding that it will always defend itself against Tehran, which “continues to seek its destruction.”

“From the initial reports received, it is already possible to say that this agreement is a historic mistake for the world,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded Tuesday when asked about the agreement reached in Vienna.

"This agreement and what it means endanger many countries including, of course, Israel,"Netanyahu said, adding that "Israel is not bound by this agreement. The Iranian regime is committed to the destruction of Israel and Israel has the right and the obligation to defend itself, by itself, against any threat. As Prime Minister of Israel, I would like to make it clear: Israel will not allow Iran to develop a military nuclear capability."

“Wide-ranging concessions were made in all of the areas which should have prevented Iran from getting the ability to arm itself with a nuclear weapon,” the Israeli Prime Minister stated. “The desire to sign an agreement was stronger than everything else.”

Netanyahu has been campaigning against negotiating with Iran for months, most notably attending a US Congress joint session in March without White House approval to deliver a Tehran-blasting speech before American legislators.

In the last days he intensified his effort online, launching a Farsi-language Twitter account to convince ordinary Iranians that the deal would hurt them. He argued that the Iranian government would be encouraged to suppress the population after it is signed.

The nuclear-related sanctions hurt the Iranian economy, which was denied foreign credits and part of oil revenues due to Western restrictions. The country experienced currency devaluation, shortages of certain goods like medicine and other adverse effects that the Iranian people had to endure.

Israeli is expected to continue its effort to torpedo the deal through lobbying American lawmakers, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely implied.

“The implications of this agreement for the foreseeable future are very grave,” she said. “The state of Israel will employ all diplomatic means to prevent the confirmation of the agreement."

Israel says it opposes the deal because it does not ensure that Tehran would not acquire nuclear weapons, an argument that proponents of the deal call false. It also believes that lifting economic sanctions would give Iran additional resources to fund Israel's enemies in the region.

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